PYP Exhibition 2021

PYP Exhibition 2021
An Grade 5 student listens to a virtual presentation for the PYP exhibition in 2021.

The 5th grade exhibition of personal inquiries, called the PYPx, took place in a virtual format for the second year in row, owing to the on-going COVID situation.

The theme of this year's exhibition was 'Who We Are', and students inquired into a variety of issues in relation to the United Nations Sustainability Goals. As the capstone event in the PYP, students begin by inquiring into their own passions, talents, interests and skills. After tuning into what really matters to them, students researched and planned how to take action. Some examples of the actions taken this year include building furniture sustainably, creating media for gender equality, promoting health/wellness and raising awareness for shelter animals.

In order to 'Make the World our Classroom', ASW collaborated with the American International School of Bucharest. ASW students were guests to AISB's PYPx, where they actively listened and provided feedback. Later ASW learners presented their actions and research to their peers at AISB. In the evening, each student presented to their families via Zoom and the wider ASW community. Students documented and shared the learning process through a private website including a Padlet for each unique inquiry.

PYPx BRAVO! What an extraordinary evening Friday night was for our Grade 5 students, teachers and families! Please accept my congratulations for all of the hard work that led up to this event. It was truly student centered and a beautiful representation of the students’ interests and passions. I loved listening to them confidently share their research, their ideas and their inspiring messages of action. None of this happens without the leadership of our team. Thank you for all of the big and small things you did to support our learners to demonstrate their best!

-Elementary School Principal Jay Fladager

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