Two Hours and 1600 Envelopes

ASW students in front of the Laski school for the bling library.

It is already a tradition that when the autumn turns into winter, ASW students visit the School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Laski, to help out in preparing special Winter holidays greeting cards for their donors.

Preparing envelopes for the Laski School donors.

Thousands of these letters are prepared each year and are sent as an early Christmas gift. This year the envelopes contained two small calendars, a leaflet about the Blind school, a piece of opłatek (also known as Christmas wafer - a central European Christian Christmas tradition celebrated in Poland, Lithuania and in some parts of Slovakia during Christmas Eve Vigil), and finally, a letter. The envelope marathon took place in the Laski school library.

Together as a group, the ASW students prepared three full boxes of tidily arranged envelopes. Some 550 enveloped fit in a box, so, if one does the math, our twelve students that took part in the action this year, put together some 1,650 envelopes, in just two hours of collaborative work. We made as many envelopes as we could. It was two hours spent well, for a good cause.

This year, the volunteers linked to the school will prepare some 23,000 envelopes.

Text: Kashish K.

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