The University Application Experience

By this time of year, most seniors have already applied for their universities. As final decisions about where seniors are going next year start to be made, Warrior News interviewed a senior to learn more about her experience during the university application process.

Sneha R. in 12th grade has applied to various universities located in 5 different countries and has also already received an offer from the University of Oxford. For each university, the time it takes to receive a reply varies. For some of them, it might take only a couple of weeks while for others, it could potentially take months. "It really depends. If you are applying early to the US or to Oxbridge in the UK, you should hear back from them after a month or two. If you are applying for a regular decision to the US, it usually takes around three months."

ASW university acceptances.

After the application process, when some universities start to respond and invite students for interviews, there is an option to travel with or without a family member or a guardian. Although most might assume that traveling with a family member is the finer choice, Sneha describes the benefits of traveling alone. "I think it was good that I traveled alone because I got a taste of what University life would feel like."

ASW provides practice interviews with no set limits. Students are granted as many practice interviews as they wish, as long as time allows. According to Ms. Raggio, one of the high school counselors, most students practice from 3 to 10 times before an actual interview...

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