The Tempest

The High School production of Shakespeare's The Tempest will show on Tuesday and Wednesday night at 6pm. Tickets are 20pln and the money raised will be donated to Linin Refugee Center. View some photos of the dress rehearsal below by photography teacher Andrzej Figlewicz. We hope to see you there!

Director's vision from HS theatre teacher Georgia Crinis: 'My Steampunk vision for this production of Shakespeare's final play is an odd concoction of victorian aesthetics and manners depicted in the set and the costumes. Enter the world of Prospero living on a steampunk island and follow the story to see a subtle yet clear refusal by Prospero and his slaves, Ariel and Caliban, to be constrained by rules, circumstance or space. The costumes present an idealisation of the Victorian era but the characters eventually learn about the dangers of sweeping the evils of colonialism under the carpet... the appearance of servants and master reinforce a recognition of the evils of racism and the abuse of power which are an ugly side to the ideals of the Victorian era.'