Planting Trees for Cleaner Air

Grade 9 Math class has planted over 20 trees in order to help the environment.

ASW students plant trees at ASW

The students got the 20 trees by exchanging 200 water bottles that they collected around school for a week via the Million Trees initiative.

They learned about the beneficial effects of trees in combatting air pollution from Pani Agnieszka from Warsaw Smog Alert, who came to our class to present to the students about smog in Warsaw.

Then they shared what they learned, backed up by data that they collected, at a fair that they created entitled Taking Action on Air Pollution.

This fair was held during the lunch break outside the school cafeteria and attracted a lot of interest from other ASW students and staff. The maths students showed fair visitors how to work out their carbon footprint, and provided advice on reducing it, such as using public transport rather than driving, recycling more and planting trees.

The class then went out with tree saplings and planted them with the help of ASW's groundskeepers.

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