Showing Solidarity with Stoneman Douglas

A group of 9th and 10th grade ASW students has decided to send support to the Stoneman Douglas school in Florida after the devastating school shooting that occurred there on February 14, 2018.

The group has taken created a banner to show moral support for the students and faculty at Stoneman Douglas.

The banner was designed by Taylor B. and was unveiled during the High School assembly on Monday. Students were invited to sign it later during the day.

Ms. Ranado, one of the high school English teachers, had the idea of creating the banner. However, it was also requested by the Principal of the Stoneman Douglas school. She says the goal of the cloth sign is to "show the school that they are not alone." Ms. Ranado adds that we should show that there are students around the world that support them.

Taylor Bata agrees, saying, "I hope the students see the small gesture as our support from Warsaw, Poland."

This text has been adapted from an article that originally appeared in Warrior News - ASW Student Publication on March 5th, 2018, and written by Haruka S.