New Records on Pi Day 2018

Last Monday ASW High School held Pi Day, the annual celebration of the mathematical constant. Students from grade 9-11 achieved new records, either personal or national, in the traditional Pi Digit recitation. Here are the results:

  • 12th grade: Marko P - 69 digits (#3 in Ukraine) and Julia P - 88 (she was the previous Polish record holder from last year, but her record was broken by another student. See below)
  • 11th grade: Bogdan Z - 324 digits (new Ukranian record)
  • 10th grade: Kris K - 148 digits (from Poland, see below) and Filip N - 22 digits (#2 in Vietnam)
  • 9th grade: Seo-yoon J 373 digits (Breaking her own record of 300 set two years ago, to remain the South Korean record-holder) and Tarik B: 20 digits (set the Bosnian record - there wasn't one before)
In addition, the following records were set before the event:

Kris K: after his performance on stage, Kris recited 555 digits after school, to become the new Polish champion
Lucia L, grade 9: 21 digits (set the Romanian record - there wasn't one before)
Abhishek R, grade 4: 354 digits (#2 in Poland)

Students from all high school grades took part in additional competitions including a Pi Eating content and a 'Jeopardy' style game show entitled 'Jeo-Pi-D', in which the answer had to be altered to include the word 'Pi', for example if the answer was 'Where is Ethiopia?, the final word had to be pronounced 'Ethio-Pi-a'.