My Happiest Day in the Whole Year!

On Saturday, September, 30th, a group of kids from Dębak Refugees Centre visited ASW, at the invitation of the ASW Refugee Club.

The visitors from Debak Refugee Center share a meal with the ASW students.While the older kids stayed in Mr. Alan James room, where ping-pong tables were installed, the first thing the elementary-aged kids did was to run all the way to the elementary playground. They climbed on the jungle gym, went down on the spiral slides, played ball on the small adjacent field.

The ASW sophomores meet the refugee children from Debak Center.

Interestingly, on the playground they came across with four ASW elementary school girls, who just happened to be there. In the beginning the ASW girls were a bit reluctant to join the games, mainly because the kids from the Refugee Centre spoke very little English. Eventually, encouraged by the ASW adults and sophomores supervisors and using them as interpreters, the ASW students joined in for a little while. There were other attractions to participate in, and the Refugee Centre Kids rushed back to Mr. James office.

The Debak refugee children play The Lego Monkeys table game.

The guests enjoyed playing ping-pong. They did not seem to get tired of it even for a bit. In the meantime various table and board games were offered and the youngsters had a go at those as well, while the ASW and the Refugee Centre sophomores competed in a volleyball game.

The children form Debak Refugee Centre with sophomores from ASW prepare to bake cupcakes.

There was a dodgeball game as well before the pizza arrived, which brought even more joy to the whole happening. Finally, the kids prepared and baked some brownies and cupcakes. As they were waiting for the cakes to bake in the teacher's lounge, where the stoves are located, an Armenian girl hugged an ASW sophomore girl and said with a smile, "This is my happiest day in this whole year!" A little Service Learning miracle, we guess.

The Children from Debak Refugee Centre have fun on the way from one activity to another.

Text & photos: Teodor Ajder

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