Anarchists Dance, Dictators Invade

In last week's Elementary School Assembly Grade 5 students made the whole world their classroom when they performed their own skits about leadership and forms of government around the globe. For more, here's Grade 5 teacher Mr. Avery:

'Our Unit of Inquiry is "How we govern ourselves." We all started the unit with an activity where 5th grade teachers were called out of their classrooms to go to a meeting leaving the students unsupervised. The students had to fend for themselves and start their day without a teacher. One fifth grade teachers even filmed the students with a hidden camera. Later the students reflected on how it was to be without a leader, and on which students eventually filled that power vacuum and made decisions.

We also did a study of the forms of government and discussed the pros and cons of each kind. From there each class made decisions about what they wanted to present for the assembly. My class wanted to do skits to teach others about different forms of government. We also had the anarchy group, which made a representative dance.'

'5J did a video about reading buddies. They also made a skit and dance about how students set up their library. 5Miller did skits about the school board and the political situation in Venezuela. 5 McGoldrick made a video describing the experiment when teachers intentionally left the students unsupervised.'

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