High School Girls Defeat University Soccer Team

ASW's High School Girls reigned victorious at Saturday's Soccer Jamboree! More from coach Carl Beach:

"With a convincing win in their first contest, a new era begins with the ASW Women Warrior Soccer team. Playing the formidable club opponent KU AZS Uniwersytet Warszawski, the Warriors dominated the first half on a beautiful fall Saturday afternoon, maintaining offensive possession for the majority of play and putting multiple shots on-goal.

However, even with this effort, the half ended 0-0. The second half started poorly for the Warriors as a miscue on defense left the left field open and a quick strike from Uniwersytet put the home team down 0 - 1. However, the Warriors maintained their poise, kept to their game-plan, and in short time, an impressive goal from Joana S tied the game. Moments later, the 9th grade Joana lofted a second strike over the head of the KU AZS goalkeeper, and the Warriors found themselves holding onto a 2 - 1 lead for the remainder of the game.

It was an impressive outing for the young team (11 of the players are Freshman or Sophomores), and with a strong group of Juniors and Seniors providing sound leadership, the Warriors are looking forward to a groundbreaking season!"

ASW wishes to congratulate all of the soccer teams that took part in the Warrior Soccer Jamboree on Friday and Saturday. The HS boys finished with 4 wins, 3 losses and 1 tie. The MS teams collectively finished with 4 wins and 4 losses.

Thank you to coaches Beach, Raggio, McGoldrick, Miller, Wozniak (HS), Kienhuis and Borsi (MS).

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