The Future Comes to Visit

On Thursday, September 28th, some ASW seniors became 3rd grade teachers for the day. Their goal was to present the activities of their clubs and the outside organisations that they collaborate with. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for everybody involved. The seniors presented themselves as admirable teachers, and the 3rd graders, who have been learning about organisations that help those in need, listened carefully and took to heart what their new teachers shared with them.

The 3rd graders learn about the Refugee club activities.

The 3rd graders were well prepared. They knew how to listen, to express their opinions, to ask questions. They could connect the new ideas with their previous knowledge. They knew, for example, how important it is to look after nature, how English can help in building new friendships and that blind people have a special alphabet, called Braille.

ASW 3-rd graders learn about the School for the Visually Impaired in Łaski.

They were surprised, however, to learn that their blind peers could also play soccer, but with a special twist - the ball has been modified to make a jingling or rattling sound, and that the visually impaired players should call out all the time, in order to let the other players know what is their location. The 3rd graders were also delighted by the fact that people could learn English by attending a Halloween Party!

ASW 3-rd graders learning about the activities od the ASW Refugee Club.

They learned the benefits of knowing how to cook basic meals, how college life might look like, how through cooking one might learn about an unfamiliar culture, and how important it is to share, especially with the ones in need. Among other things, the 3rd graders experienced a virtual trip to an orphanage.

ASW 3-rd graders learn from their Upper School colleagues about the activities of the Chaberek Center and the High School Cooking Club.

The future versions of today's 3rd graders talked about the following partner institutions of ASW - Chaberek Center, the Dębak and Linin Refugee Centres, Ja Wisła Foundation, and members of the Hand4Paw Club presented the Last Chance Foundation, which runs a dog shelter. Last but not least, the 3rd graders learned about the School for the Visually Impaired, located in Łaski. The seniors used Powerpoint presentations, showed films, and engaged the 3rd graders in playing topic-specific games. All the participants, including the actual 3rd grade teachers that chaperoned the event, deserve a big round of applause!

Text: Teodor Ajder

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