Athletics Weekend Roundup

Congratulations to the following Warrior coaches and students:

CEESA MS Girls Volleyball in Baku with Sol Senrick and Sam Linehan -- 4th place and Sportsmanship trophy!
CEESA MS Boys Volleyball in Budapest with Bas Kienhuis and Benni Borsi -- 6th place

And here at ASW:

CEESA Girls Softball with Dave Stutz, Jeff Miller, and Taylor Frazier -- 3rd place!
CEESA Boys Softball with Michael Sheehan, Michael Barrett, Pat Kearnan, Dom Wozniak, and Colleen McGoldrick -- 3rd place and Sportsmanship trophy!

We would like to extend a huge thanks to Stephen Sidaway and Ania Palyska in the Activities Office for their support in making this weekend's home tournament a success, and of course we want to congratulate Jim Matter for a job well done in hosting his last CEESA tournament at ASW. Thank you, Jim! Here's a picture of Jim getting a standing ovation at the end of the tournament from all of the players and coaches. What a great moment!