ASW Volunteers Receive Medical Emergency Training

A group of enthusiastic ASW volunteers had Medical Disaster training on 30th of November 2017 with Dr. Clay Crawford, RMO of the US Embassy in Warsaw and trustee of ASW Board. Nurse Practitioner Carole Brown also accompanied with Dr. Clay.

Dr. Clay used one of ASW's core values 'Work together. Because without us all, we're nothing.' as guiding principle in developing his presentation. It was designed to enable school personnel to react and care for injured persons during the first several minutes following an injury and is related to ASW's emergency preparation plan.

Topics learned included the mnemonic "M.A.R.C.H.", which stands for Massive haemorrhage, Airway management, Respiration, Circulation, Hypothermia and Head/Spine Injury. TRIAGE following START (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment) system and how to effectively manage different kinds of injuries.

We would like to thank Dr. Crawford for sharing his time and expertise with us and to Ms. Marilyn Dypczynski, our School Nurse for coordinating.

We would also like to recognise our participants; Brian Mason, Jim Matter, Steven Sidaway, Neil Riley, Cecelia Cienska, Ligita Stavarz, Bolek Szuter, Jamie Hamlin, Counselor, Toby Brunt, Erika Wielewicka, Maria Chmielewska.