HS Students in US-PL Centennial Event

Students from ASW's HS music program took part in an important diplomatic event last week.

On Thursday, December 6th, three students from choir and one pianist were invited to sing the Polish and U.S. national anthems to kick off a two-year celebration marking the 100th anniversary of Polish independence (2018), as well as 100 years of Polish-U.S. diplomatic relations (2019). Their performance was broadcast via digital video conferencing to 20 locations around Poland, where similar events were being held.

'It was a long day for them and they represented the school brilliantly. Honestly they were so poised, professional, calm, and flexible. I was thrilled for them and they all said it felt so different doing a real gig as opposed to singing at the school where they feel comfortable and safe', said Choir Teacher Ms. Bechdoldt.

The students got to learn about the demands of a professional gig, such as how to adapt in a dynamic situation - 'You will notice the girls just kept on singing when audio came in from one of the live feeds.... brilliant. VERY proud of them and excited that we are getting ASW musicians out into the community!' said Ms. Bechdoldt.

Congratulations to the participating students and to Ms. Bechdoldt!

Learn more about the centennial events and listen to the choir's performance.

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