A Globe to a Child

One Sunday in October, a group of ASW students participated in a give-away event hosted by Warsaw Volunteer Mission, with whom ASW has a long-standing collaboration. Our school contributed some 10 voluminous bags of clothes, three knowledge-heavy boxes with English elementary level books, toys and games. The students carried all these goods to a bus, filled it to the brim, and off they went.

It took them 45 minutes to travel from ASW to the Warsaw Volunteer Mission location. As soon as the ASW delegation arrived at the destination, numerous volunteers, coming from a lot of different countries, unloaded the bus in no time and took everything to a big hall, were recipient families were collecting the items they needed or desired.

The families also received packs of dried food items, chocolate and bottles of sweet drinks. All the ASW delegates were involved in distributing the items to the families.

Later on, the ASW students helped pack up left-over items and spent some time with the children from the families.

As we were entering Warsaw Volunteer Mission hall, an ASW senior literary offered a whole Planet Earth to a child who was at the gathering. The boy wanted the big globe that materialised on top of one of the piles of toys. He seemed like he needed help, and the help was offered by one of our students. He took the great sphere with care, looked at it carefully, and with genuine interest read a couple of names of the countries and capitals in a quiet voice.

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