In January 2019 ASW will address a longstanding concern about plastics in the school environment. The HS Environmental Club has made a case for taking one bold step after the holidays that is now fully supported by the school. Please see their message:

ASW will take till take a step forward in an effort to reduce waste! To combat single-use plastic waste, ASW will no longer buy white plastic cups used at water dispensers. This means that plastic cups will no longer be available at any water dispensers starting from January 7, 2019. It is important as a school to make environmentally-conscious choices and to teach students to take charge of their futures. Therefore, please remind your children to bring reusable water bottles to school to stay hydrated, as many are doing in elementary classrooms. We would love it if students continued to use water dispensers (or water fountains) rather than resorting to buying plastic bottles in the cafeteria.

Please note that plastic cups will not be purchased through the school for school-sponsored events. As well, our next steps will be to work closely with students and other vendors to limit plastic usage.

We all know that plastic of all kinds pollutes our oceans and landfills, and we recover only 5% of the plastic we produce in the world. In 2017, 96,000 cups were bought, and then thrown out at ASW. By making a change that reduces that number to 0, ASW is showing their commitment to taking steps to improve our commitment to the environment.

HS Environmental Club thanks you.


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