MS art project at ASW

Students from grades 6-8 have been exploring their identities through art.

MS Art teacher Jenn Jordan described how the students first defined what identity was, before exploring and identifying themes which they felt represented their own identities. They then broke their identities down into 5 parts, and created an art project that represented each of those parts.

MS art project at asw

The process involved using graphic organisers like mind maps to think about how things like family, travelling, culture and religion form a part of one's identity. They then explored how to represent these through different artistic mediums.

MS identity art project at ASW

The resulting art projects included photography, sculpture, drawing, collage and painting. These were displayed in the school hallway for all students to appreciate.

When asked whether she noticed any patterns appearing in how students see their identities, she said that in this particular group, the themes of sports, family and travel were prevalent - "a few touched on where they lived or on family or cultural background, but for most of them it was about what was there right now - my family, my friends etc..." said Mrs. Jordan.


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