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Open Doors
Open Doors

Every August, at the start of the school year, our students are assigned to a homeroom (with the emphasis on home). In homeroom, our students connect as a community with their classroom teacher and teaching assistant. But they are also given the opportunity to learn and grow with students from other classrooms.

In Early Years, this is achieved through 'Open Doors'. This is a time each week when all of the classroom doors in Pre-K and Kindergarten open, allowing students to learn from and with each other in new and engaging spaces, while also encouraging collaboration. 

'Open Doors' strengthens the learning experience as students develop new friendships with peers and  relationships with adults.

Learning at ASW is a collaborative, community event!


ES Principal Jen Munnerlyn

 By Jen Munnerlyn, ES Principal

Learning Language Through Art
Learning Language Through Art

In our grade 5 Beginning English as an Additional Language (EAL) class, students explored emotions through art.

After learning vocabulary to describe emotions, students were given a variety of media including paints, pastels and markers and chose some emotions to represent artistically.

The activity allowed for a supportive, open environment for students to show creativity while developing early English vocabulary - and to have authentic social conversations with each other during the process!

Students then used sentence starters, which supported them in explaining their artwork and how it represented the emotion they chose.

They recorded themselves and uploaded these short videos to their digital portfolios.

It was a fun, creative, positive learning environment for our English language learners!


By Kelli Griffin, ES EAL Teacher