Jon Zurfluh

We are fully settling into our routines and students are now also engaging in Athletics and Activities.  School student photos are going well and we'll keep you informed of make-up and future dates. As shared earlier, the first round of MAP testing is started as well.  Much information is below from divisional leaders and their teams about the many things happening here at school.

Temperatures have mediated a bit offering more comfort for all. Thank you for your patience as we did our best to support everyone during our unseasonable conditions.

And, thank you to all who have finished their PowerSchool consent form (>925!!).  We have some remaining and will be providing technical support on Friday at the PTO General meeting as well as setting up a help desk at school for selected days/hours.  We will be calling those that still need assistance with their consent form as well. If you are having trouble, you can contact support@aswarsaw.org

Reminder: We will be limiting our communication soon by only sending to your new parent accounts.  Once we get through this transitional part, communication will be more streamlined and effective.

PTO and Events on the Horizon

The PTO board met this morning with a wonderful planning meeting and this suggests some reminders for the coming days.  We have our first general PTO meeting this Friday in the Cafeteria starting at 8:45a!  Please join us.  We also have the mixer on Saturday night. 

Additionally, planning for our annual Fall PTO BBQ is underway (September 17).  One component of that event is the main PTO fundraising activity of the year.  This tradition has been kept alive through virtual means during COVID, but this year we return to baskets that are typically donated by members of the community and their companies.  Time to start planning your baskets for donation and be ready for the call to deliver them to campus in advance of our event.  We'll be sending additional communication on this shortly.  Of particular note, this is a wonderful opportunity to prepare country baskets and special themed baskets of all kinds.  Time to be creative!!

A just a quick note to look for opportunities to get involved with PTO.  They need your help as all of our activities and traditions are community-run.  We need you to join in and participate!!

Parking Lot - A Few More Items

Forgot one item last week and it's an important one - Remember that you must walk your bicycle on campus at all times.  This is a key safety concern and we want adults to model for students and always walk their bikes to the racks located at various places throughout.  Because of our mixed-use parking area with cars and pedestrians, this is an important rule for both students and all adults.  Even at times when there is light or no traffic, we ask everyone to please follow this rule.

And, one more reminder from last week for pedestrians to please always use crosswalks at all times.  Please teach your children to walk to the crosswalk with you and be sure to look both ways before crossing into the flow of traffic.  I saw two instances of children walking out from between cars ahead of their parents and one was a near miss with oncoming vehicles.  This is a very dangerous thing.  Please help us!  This is mainly an issue near the early childhood playground.  Please make sure to walk down to the Elementary entrance area and cross in the crosswalk when travelling to a parked vehicle.  No shortcuts!! 

Also, cars may NOT stop in a crosswalk to load children.  Loading should only take place with cars stopped along the curb.  Do not encourage children to come out from between vehicles in order to come to a car.  If a space is not available at the moment, please proceed around the parking lot circle and return to a space next to the curb when it becomes available.