Jon Zurfluh

Strategic Work Reminders

Just some quick reminders of where to find reflections on our ongoing strategic work.  At our most recent Town Hall, we shared a comprehensive overview that is a one-stop shop for this year's work in the context of our multi-year plans.  That video is HERE.

Additionally, remember that we have a guiding documents folder that includes some key guidelines for how we do strategic work and this document is updated annually in June with the current plans in Section E.

As we move into Spring, all eyes will begin to focus on accreditation.  As part of that process, I'm letting you know now that surveys will be coming to all stakeholders that are a normal part of that process.

Terrace Metrics

Our Terrace Metrics survey launch started yesterday with students in Grades 6 and 11.  This first administration went well and offered a few insights into further supporting students with the nuances of the system.  

We will be sending reports home on the Friday of the testing week for all students who engaged in the survey.  Reports for students in grades 6, 11, and 12 will be sent this Friday, December 2nd.  If you have any questions about the reports, please reach out to the divisional counselors or principals.  Please note that for this testing session, we are only able to send the results to one parent. 

We met with Rich Gilman from Terrace Metrics on Monday, November 28th from 6-7 pm Warsaw time and a recording of the meeting was created. You are welcome to review this presentation HERE.

Thank you for your support as we learn more about your children's social and emotional well-being to further enhance their learning.