Jon Zurfluh

Town Hall

Hoping you can join us tonight for Town Hall as we give an update on the #ASWforUkraine work at the refugee centre and beyond.  We'll also spend some time talking jointly with our PSI counterparts about the important work of accreditation and the parent role in the coming months.  Links for tonight at 7:00p:


Voting for Americans

The absentee ballot box is still available this week through Friday, 8a to 4p daily. A representative from the Embassy will be here on Thursday from 2p to 4p to answer any questions.

Rosh Hashanah

Just a quick shout-out to the Jewish members of our community and best wishes for the start of the Jewish New Year as you come out of your celebration that ended yesterday (September 25-27)!  Commemorating the "creation of the world," it is wonderful to join you in celebrating the start of year 5783 in the Jewish calendar!  Shanah Tovah!!

I have a tendency to share celebrations like this with the community because it embraces our diversity and helps us understand the cultural heritage that is so important to each of us!  I may not hit all of them, but happy to receive your suggestions for future eNotes of those you would like me to spotlight!

Vaccinations from WarsawMed

Last chance to sign-up for flu immunization this weekend.  There are only a few spots left on Saturday.  Reminders should come on Friday.


If you have questions, contact aswhealth@aswarsaw.org.