Jon Zurfluh

Thank you all for your support of our messaging today with our community on Ukraine Independence Day.  We'll share a bit more on Town Hall tonight, ever hoping to grow the ties that bind us.  Thank you for all you are doing to keep us engaged through your partnership and support.  Remember to connect with you PTO Representatives and many thanks to all of the volunteers in advance for all your efforts on our students' behalf.  Please join the various WhatsApp groups for regular communication and also, please join the hub on Facebook - the ASW Parent Group.

We'll have our first Town Hall tonight at 7:00p - Here's the links: YouTube, Facebook, and now LinkedIn.  All past episodes are available here and on Apple Podcasts.

Also, please remember that our efforts in support of Ukraine directly continued through the summer and are still ongoing as we start the year.  Student organizers are starting to come together and continue their guidance of these efforts.  Please continue to share our efforts with others through our hashtag #ASWforUkraine and via our web page here: https://www.aswarsaw.org/community/aswforukraine


WarsawMed is up and running and providing all necessary health services to our students.  This is all part of our core daily services and provided free of charge for all basic medical care for students and staff.  For extended care, WarsawMed is ready to provide referral and assessment services for the entire ASW Community and you can reach out to them for more details on how they can help.  Their focus this year is on both essential healthcare, which has always been the ASW hallmark, but will add more work on wellness and educational support for teaching and learning.  As Dr. O said at our recent parent coffee, they hope to help everyone avoid the sometimes necessary illness care by being proactive in our daily care.  More on this once they are settled in their new home.  You can contact them as usual for ASW at aswhealth@aswarsaw.org or at their direct number: +48-22-702-8537.  You can also find more information at their website:  https://warsawmed.com/.

Parent Portal

Reminder to access your Parent Portal at my.aswkey.org.  Many of you still need to complete your consent forms for one or more of your children, so please go to the portal and click on PowerSchool and follow the instructions.

Parking Lot Etiquette

I sent out reminders regarding the parking lot rules and just want to thank you for doing so well in the first week of school.  There's just a few reminders based on my observations, primarily during the after school pick-up time.

  • Please be very careful of your speed in the parking lot at all times EVERYWHERE.  Slow speeds are important with small children and crowded conditions. 
  • USE CROSSWALKS - We want children to do this at all times and that means parents should demonstrate this to children and always guide them to crosswalks at all times.  This is particularly important in the early childhood area where a small child followed an adult yesterday into traffic - a near miss.  Parents must always walk to and use the crosswalks and please guide your children there as well.  This is also true in the upper school area.  Crosswalks are all well marked and convenient.
  • Do NOT leave your car unattended in a yellow zone.  This is not a parking area and for emergency services we must be able to clear it at all times.  During pickup time, it is allowed to step out of your vehicle for 30 seconds to a minute to collect your child, but you should follow normal Kiss-n-Go standards by moving your vehicle as soon as possible from this area.  If you intend to stay longer to talk with friends, you should park and leave the yellow area clear.  Since traffic is moving at all times, parking spots generally become available quickly.
  • Do NOT leave your vehicle running when standing in place for an extended time.  Even in hot weather, it is never OK in the parking lot to let engines continue to run.  Turn engines off while cars are stopped, whether in parking spots or in the yellow zones waiting.

Attention to the above makes it better for all of us.  The most important thing in our parking lot that lends itself to safety is patience.  You should never be in a hurry in a school parking lot!!