Jon Zurfluh

Parent Survey

In case you didn't catch it in the board packet last week, I always share the summary data of our parent survey with the community.  It is shared here for your review.  We'll be doing more with this infomation in due course and are already moving forward with work on goals to address any ongoing concerns.  There was much to celebrate here in terms of overall results and satisfactions, but also learning opportunities for us in our various teams across the school.  At all levels, the discourse as a community is an important part of that work and we appreciate your re-engagement post-COVID in this regard.  Was particularly great to see so many parents with us last night for Back-to-School in Upper School and expect similar tonight with Elementary.  We will be asking for continued growth of that partnership in the coming months as the school reflects on and validates the direction suggested by our guiding statements.

PD Day

Next Friday, September 30, is the first of two scheduled Professional Development (PD) Days of the school year.  The second one will be in March.  As you know from last week, we are moving into our re-accreditation process and our day on the 30th will involve work on this and in our strategic project areas.  For more information about our ongoing strategic work and process, you can consult our Strategic Planning Policy and Procedures Guide which has been shared previously.  It's available in the Parent Portal for your consideration of our ongoing work in always improving and growing as a school.

Vaccinations from WarsawMed

We were just informed today by AstraZeneca about a Europe-wide delay in the supply of the intranasal flu vaccine (Fluenz Tetra) for children. The vaccine will only arrive in Poland on Sep 28. Hence, we need to reschedule the Flu vaccinations for the following weekend.  We will use October 1st and October 2nd. Also, we forgot to include pricing in the most recent communication, but the cost is PLN 220 per person as was previously announced in the interest survey.  Documentation will be provided for those that have the ability to submit for reimbursement.

We apologize for the inconvenience which is beyond our control. We look forward to seeing you all the following weekend! Here is the new sign-up link:


If you have questions, contact aswhealth@aswarsaw.org.