Jon Zurfluh

United Nations - Way to Celebrate ASW!

Today was a truly amazing event that brought back the true glory of United Nations Day.  The assembly was packed with wonderful messages from the US Ambassador, our students, and the largest audience on record at ASW more than 1200 in attendance!  The booths opened shortly after and the presentations from many countries continued throughout the day.  Only now as I write this are the last notes of the organ grinder floating through the hallways as our parents pack up the remainders in anticipation of next year!  While I had many treats on the day, including some deliveries to me through the afternoon, I have to admit I cried a bit when presented with this (left) special gift from the Ukrainian Community.  It was so delicate and special and will bring back memories of this particularly special UN Day!!  And I was most taken by the wonderful student presentations today.  PSI students, the ASW Choir and Band, our student messages about our diversity, and the 5th-grade handling of our flags.  Truly a demonstration of student talent and energy!!  The link remains available if you missed it: HERE.

One mistake that just came to my attention late this afternoon.  We had many new countries added to our mix this year and many families also reached out to add second nationalities that we also recognize for our hallway flags and for our ceremonies.  But, in the midst of preparation, we left one country off our list today.  Please know that Venezuela is also a country of record at ASW and has a wonderful presence through active families.  Our mistake was inadvertent and I hope you will accept our earnest apology!  If you have any changes or need to check your registered nationalities, please reach out to the Admissions Department or the divisional office for your child.

Our heartiest thanks to PTO and the wonderful efforts of the leadership team, in particular Christina Turner and her amazing coordination!  I know that there were many hands in making it so wonderful for our students.  Students and staff now have a memorable experience to carry them through the year as we continue to celebrate our diversity!!

And we must mention a big thank you for the donations to #ASWforUkraine, pictured here, it is a wonderful addition to the Lipowa Refugee Center.  Remember that our efforts never stop in supporting Ukraine in this way.  Particularly now as winter begins to emerge, our fears are emerging of a harsh time ahead.  Please help us by coming to our website and finding out the latest on how you can help.  Share the message far and wide!!

October Break

Wishing you all a wonderful October Break.  This a short reminder that we also extend the break this year to include Poland's All Saints Day on November 1st.  School resumes on Wednesday, November 2nd with the normal late start.  I hope you find some time to refresh and enjoy the Fall colours, whatever your destination.  May the change in seasons remind us of the ever-pulsing rhythm of life that is always hopeful and renewing.

Board Meeting

The minutes from the September meeting have been officially posted in the Parent Portal on the Director's Page (look under Quicklinks on the right side). Video links to the Parent Facebook page are also provided there for easy access.