Jon Zurfluh

Welcome to a new school year!  It was great seeing many of you this morning and that started a wonderfully smooth opening where students settled so naturally into the rhythm of a new school year!  Thank you for all your preparations in getting them ready and the smooth drop-off this morning.  Please remember that we have two entrances for vehicles and you are welcome to use either to drop off your children to any of our building entrances.  For the back gate, use this for your GPS: https://goo.gl/maps/vXu4ZJKwDHH5abDe6

Be sure and ask your children about at least one new learning today.  Don't accept the "nothing" answer and have a conversation about how school went today, the challenges and the successes.  This sets the tone for family dialogue about school that you should craft into a habit right at the beginning, no matter what the age of your students.

Let us settle into school this week and work out any remaining issues and then reach out early next week if there are remaining questions or concerns.  Our motto has always been "don't wait" and we want to hear from you if something is not quite right so that we can correct early and effectively.

For now, just enjoy the start of a new school year and know that we are excited for continuing our partnership!

Important things to do:

First and foremost, work out using your my.aswkey.org key and login to your parent portal - this is URGENT!  Next, click on the link to PowerSchool:

Next, complete the permissions page for EACH child in your family!  These are important agreements that supplement your school contract and we must refresh them each year.  You'll be required to fill this out before you can access anything else in PowerSchool, so please complete it immediately.  Currently, half of our parents have completed this important initial form that keeps us in compliance with GDPR requirements and health services notifications and permissions.  Thanks in advance for doing this!  While you are in the Parent Portal, be sure to browse around for links and information that you should find helpful as we start the year.  This portal is being regularly updated, so check back often.

To that end, be advised that we will slowly stop using your personal email addresses for our communication, so please be sure to set up your parent's email address for all messages from us.  You can easily add your school email to your phone or another device so that we have a secure and uncluttered place for school communication. The video on setting up your new email on your iPhone is HERE and other helpful videos HERE.