Jon Zurfluh

News Last Night

We are all watching as news of the bombing incident near the Polish border that emerged in the late hours of yesterday evening.  The school is in contact with our partners at the US Embassy and the current advice is to remain calm as more information is reviewed relative to the incident and follow-up actions are considered.  We remain safe and secure here in Warsaw with no interruption of services.  After communicating with security staff at the Embassy today, no alerts for any kind of travel have been posted nor are any being considered at this time.

While I value that tensions will be high for the next couple of days, we feel secure with continuing our activities as currently scheduled this coming weekend, including trips going out this weekend as well as the welcoming of CEESA guests for our Robotics tournament.  I can reassure all that we have had multiple recommendations from security professionals that we can continue as normal and they will inform us if any limitations for the future will be recommended.

From a general well-being point of view, please know that our counsellors are, as always, available to help those who may be struggling with these events going on around us.  Please reach out if you need assistance or would like a referral for additional support.

Lockdown Drill & Emergency SMS Test

We completed a lockdown drill today with students postponed from before the break and it was successful. As you know, we do these kinds of drills as part of our emergency preparedness. Observers are collecting their notes for necessary adjustments to practice and relevant systems. The Health & Safety Committee will review these items at their next meeting.

At the same time, we tested the SMS Emergency notification system. 

This system depends upon the regular update of your information in PowerSchool under "Demographic Change."  This is where you can add your phone number if you did not receive the message today. The message was as follows:

This is a test of the ASW emergency notification system (ENS). The school is currently performing a safety lockdown drill. If you have feedback on our Emergency systems, go to this link: https://forms.gle/uubrfAK27EYn2XWX9

A few notes:  The system is sent from a contracted service and may appear as coming from a number similar to other organizations that use the same service.  This is normal and can't be avoided.  We will always identify it as coming from ASW in the message.  In the case of a real emergency, directions and follow-up will be sent along with any necessary phone numbers, details, and relevant links.  When we do a drill, we necessarily provide an abbreviated message.  You can use the above link to provide feedback and to request support if you did not receive the message today.

Admissions Requests

To current ASW and PSI families - If you or your friends have young children and are planning to enrol for Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, or Kindergarten for the 2023-2024 academic year, please contact our ASW Admissions office and/or the PSI admissions staff to start your online application now.  It never hurts to start early!!

In the case of movement between the two schools, we can reaffirm that students from either school (PSI or ASW) will be treated as returning students and we will query you on this in early February for your advance planning ahead of our first rounds of enrollment decisions.