Jon Zurfluh

Happy Father's Day

This time of year, often as we close school for the year, we also come to the U.S. Father's Day on June 19, this coming Sunday.  I just want to shout out my thanks to all the fathers out there who we will be celebrating.  Like Mother's Day, there are different dates around the globe.  I have fond memories of my days as a Dad that truly began with my first child, my son, in 1998.  I also have memories of celebrating with my own father over the years, most often with a traditional fishing trip to a lake or stream.  I wish all the fathers out there a great day, filled with hugs and heartwarming moments and memories!

Strategic Work and Board Retreat

The board met in their annual study session retreat last Saturday, and as a final communication, have requested materials from that meeting to be shared generally with all of you.  Particularly, the EOY reports from divisions and departments were significant and important to be shared in reflection on the work completed this year.  The folder with the shared materials is HERE.

One critically important item is the action item associated with strategic work and the plan for next year.  The action item that includes the revised plan and the end-of-year reports is worthy of community review in order to understand the infrastructure of strategic work and how it relates to policy and operational priorities.  That document is in the folder above and linked directly HERE.

Final Thoughts

As we head into a summer break, we wish those involved in summer activities to have safe and rewarding experiences.  We are excited by robust enrollment for next year and fully engaged in our project to welcome the PSI school from Kyiv into our protecting environment as part of our ongoing efforts under our core values to care for others through service and compassion.

For those returning, I look forward to greeting you in August with hope and enthusiasm for the year ahead.  For those departing, you are Warriors forever!!  Stay well and, with earnest regards, we wish you good fortune, now and always!