Jon Zurfluh


For any remaining issues relative to conferences, please contact your division principal or vice-principal.  They are best positioned to assist you with any concerns.  Most all should be scheduled for tomorrow's first day of Zoom conferences and I wish all well in their conversations about student progress and the home-school connection.  See below for any final instructions associated with each division.  Thanks in advance to all teachers for their wonderful preparation in advance of this important opportunity!!

United Nations Day - Wednesday - October 19

Lots of information below in the PTO section regarding UN Day activities.  Parents are welcome to attend and a reminder that you should wear your parent badge on campus at all times.  Please remember that we welcome badged individuals as guests.  All non-badged guests must be registered in advance with security via the sign-up form in order to access campus.  This means that all occupants of a vehicle must wear their badges visibly.  If they are a registered guest, they should have photo identification ready to show to guards before being allowed on campus and should wear their visitor badge while in attendance.  Thank you in advance for making sure we have a safe and secure event for all!

Vaccinations from WarsawMed

Last call for the weekend:

Flu for adults ONLY - click HERE
COVID and/or Flu for all ages - click HERE

If you have questions, contact aswhealth@aswarsaw.org.

Parking Lot Safety Reminders

Just a few reminders after a couple of days of late Fall observations:

  • Watch your speed!  A few vehicles moving a bit too fast in some areas, particularly in front of the Elementary.  The speed bumps are there for a reason - do not accelerate between them.
  • Cross at crosswalks - do not come out into the road from between cars - this is dangerous!
  • Do not park in the yellow curb area.  If you leave your vehicle in the yellow area for any reason, you must return within 1-2 minutes.  If you need more time to pick up your children, please park rather than wait on the curb.

As we move slowly into winter, these reminders will be even more important as we potentially contend with ice and snow.  Courtesy and cooperation at all times, please.  Let's all build good habits together!