Jon Zurfluh

Welcome to a New Year!!

As with my message on Monday, welcoming all back to a new calendar year and the fast-approaching end of the semester later this month.  I know that seems odd, but such is life under the academic year calendar.

We have many things we are preparing to accomplish in the coming months.  Besides delivering on a great second half of academic learning and engagement, we will be working on pivotal work in both the strategic and accreditation realms.  Strategic work is an annual review process in the Spring looking at the work accomplished and what comes next in the 4 strategic project areas. Accreditation work, while related and also annual in terms of the subordinate action plans, is on a more multi-year cycle.  It is just over 5 years since our last accreditation self-study and this cycle will prepare us for the next 5-7 years of work associated with our core values, mission, and learning principles and the prior accreditation action plans, 90% of which have been implemented over this time period.  This spring, the study and depth of our work looking inward will inspire us as we prepare these next action plans that will bring continued growth and development of ASW as a learning community.

As you know, part of the accreditation work is the NEASC ACE surveys we recently sent out along with multiple follow-up reminders.  Please make sure you complete your survey (including that pesky "Submit" button at the end) and add your voice to the process that begins now in earnest.

I will remind everyone that the action plans of the previous accreditation journey along with the strategic plans developed through sprints and faculty/staff engagement are all a result of a community of learners working together.  For each opportunity that we offer to share your thoughts and opinions, comprehensive plans and engaged work follow shortly thereafter.  While many who helped craft our core values have left ASW through graduation or to the next adventure that is so relevant to our international community, the foundation of that work continues as we welcome new voices each year.  We must stay true to those original plans while we work hard to bring new voices and ideas to the goals that live on the horizon.  Thank you in advance for always being part of that work, whether a parent, student, or valued employee at ASW!