Jon Zurfluh


It was so wonderful in the last two days to wave to buses as they departed for our various trips this week.  The cafeteria was a wonderful joyful buzz of activity and excitement as all prepared to load their luggage and offer final farewells.  These experiences are a joy for kids and often form some of the most long-lasting memories of their schooling experience.  We have a marvellous team of teachers and administrators with experiences around the world leading similar excursions over decades.  All are in good hands and all reports today are everything has gone smoothly!


Please see below our plea for continuing to communicate and expand our work under #ASWforUkraine.  Our students are re-engaging, but funds are tight and we need to keep our food efforts operational.  So, please share and share again to maintain our work going forward.

Board Meeting on Monday

Just a note that the first board meeting is on Monday and the packet, as always, will come out as a separate message to the community on Friday.  We are moving to a hybrid format this year, which means that the public will again be able to attend in person, but we'll also keep our Zoom format for virtual participation.  Additionally, we intend to record the public portion of the board meeting and will post it shortly after the meeting for the community to watch at their leisure, similar to all of our Town Halls.  

Department of State Visitor

Mary Russman, our Regional Education Officer from the Office of Overseas School, Department of State, is visiting us later this week and will spend the day on campus on Monday.  This is a part of our direct relationship with the US Embassy and they have additional meetings scheduled with her during her visit as well.  Ms. Russman is a wonderful advocate for the school and supports our efforts in a variety of ways, giving us access to important resources and contacts and strengthening the connection between ASW, the US Embassy, and the broader international school community.  We are glad to have her here on a tour of similar schools throughout the region.  Next week, I join her in a short day trip to Krakow to connect with our sister school, the International School of Krakow, which is similarly supported as a member of CEESA.  Please join me in welcoming Mary!