Welcome to ASW!

At the American School of Warsaw, we are committed to the concept that is central to our mission and practice, that we believe in many paths to learning.

But, most importantly, we have developed a set of core values that describe how we inspire and teach in a way that these values become the cornerstones of character. This gives us an aspirational quality that defines and empowers our educational community.

At the American School of Warsaw, we are experts at transition, crafting diverse pathways that ensure students build on prior success, close gaps that may have emerged, and become prepared for their next adventure, whether returning home, further abroad, or off on their own to join colleges and universities around the world. With 50+ countries in our midst, this is a powerful and engaging challenge.

We stand by our demonstrated academic success over many decades, a proud tradition of providing our students with inspired and unique opportunities in athletics, music, drama, design, technology, and service learning. We value our strong links with top universities and colleges around the world, our welcoming and involved parent community, our purpose-built campus and facilities, and the world-class calibre of our globally recruited faculty and dedicated support staff.  

But above all, we are distinguished by our students, our finest ambassadors. They are culturally diverse, engaging, intelligent, enthusiastic, and filled with integrity. They believe in the tenets of our core values, found elsewhere throughout this website. They can tell the stories of their learning that often reach beyond the classroom, the school, and the community to bring positive change to the world.

As I approach my 40th year as an educator, I’m proud and incredibly thankful that my journey has led me from Washington State through China and Russia to now settle in Poland as the Director of this amazing school. With my wife, an elementary teacher, and my daughter, a high school student, we are all proud to be Warsaw Warriors!!

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American School of Warsaw Director Jon Zurfluh

ASW Director Jon Zurfluh