Design Center Assistant

Position: Teaching Assistant

Division: 6-10 Grades

Department: Design & Technology

Contract: Full-time, fixed term contract, starting August 2018


Job purpose:

We are looking for a teaching assistant for the Design & Technology department who will facilitate student learning in our cutting-edge design center.

Basic Qualifications and Requirements

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Interest and background in design, technology, & the “maker” culture.
  • Enjoy working with students, faculty and school community members.
  • Ability to be adaptable and flexible.
  • Understanding of safe working practices in a design center environment.
  • Desire to learn new skills and to grow professionally.
  • University degree preferably related to Education and/or Design with a minimum of one year of experience working with children of relevant ages.
  • A basic understanding of the child development and learning processes.
  • Ability to use job-related technology and software applications. Graphic design, 3D Modeling, CAD / CAM, and computer programming skills are a plus.
  • Physically capable of performing the duties of this job - assistant may be required to occasionally lift and move materials in excess of 20 kilograms and use power tools.
  • Ability to occasionally attend off-campus events such as field trips.

Key Areas of Focus:

Classroom Teaching Assistant -

The design center assistant will be asked to support the development and creation of student projects. Projects range from basic model making through complicated woodworking, robotics, electronics and high tech manufacturing.

Safety and Organization -

An assistant will ensure that the classroom environment is safe for students throughout the day and help prepare materials and equipment in the design center so that class time can be efficiently used.

Passion Projects & The Culture of “Making”

Students, teachers and community members regularly come in with project ideas. Examples of this include 3D printing, graphic design and t-shirt making, woodworking and robotics projects. An assistant could help facilitate these “passion projects” and more firmly establish the culture of “Making” within the school.


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