Bus Fees

Sargent's School Bus Service prices 2018/2019

round trip, per day

Zone 1 – Warsaw - Wilanów, within 6 - 10 km distance - PLN 45 + 8% VAT (PLN 48.60)

Zone 2 – Warsaw – Ursynów, Zawady, within 10 - 14 km distance - PLN 50 + 8% VAT (PLN 54.00)

Zone 3 – Konstancin direction PLN 51 + 8% VAT (PLN 55.08)

Zone 4 – Warsaw over 14 km distance - PLN 55 + 8% VAT (PLN 59.40)

Zone 5 – Lesznowola, Wólka Kosowska, Walendów, Nadarzyn direction and Warsaw over 20 km - PLN 59 + 8% VAT (PLN 63.72)

Zone 6 - Grodzisk, Tarczyn, Białołęka, Anin, Wawer etc. PLN 62 + 8% VAT (PLN 66.96)


- Regular after-school activities organised by the Activity Office (ASW sponsored activities) are serviced at no extra charge.

- There is a 10% discount for families with three, or more children using the service.

- One way service is provided at 3/4 of the price (not applicable to Zone 5 and 6).

- Minimum service period is one month.

- Transportation fees are charged monthly in advance and are calculated according to the number of school days, regardless whether student(s) ride(s) each day, or not.

- In case of 2 months or more payment delay service will be canceled automatically with 24-hour notice.

Sargent's School Bus Service schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

Regular after school buses: 3.45 pm

After-activity buses: 4.45 pm and 5.45 pm (only when the activities are taking place)


- To maintain the highest safety standards all students are to be seated with the seatbelts fastened when the bus is moving and all students are to respect the Schoolbus Safety Code.

- All buses leave on time. If a student is late for the bus, it is the parents' responsibility to provide transportation.

- It is the students' / parents' responsibility to inform the School Bus Service on which day(s) the student participates in after school activities and therefore is to be taken home by an after-activity bus.

- Morning pickup schedule is non-negotiable and results from the layout of the bus route, not from likes or dislikes. All morning bus routes are planned to be safest and shortest.