We are an IB Continuum School...
...because IB has strong synergy with our core values.
We are a school for all students...
...because we honor and accept diversity of all kinds as an underpinning to our existence.


Upcoming Events

Dear Parents,

You are invited to attend the combined performance of works by Dance 7/8 and Grade 8 Theatre Arts students on Monday, January 21 at 10:15am in the theatre at ASW.

Mrs. Stein's dance students will present dances inspired by movements found in sports. Mr. Stein's Grade 8 Theatre students will present interpretations of scripted scenes.

This performance will showcase the creative works of both theatre and dance students and will be presented to students from the ES. The performance will be recorded and shared with your student, so if you are not able to attend you will still have an opportunity to view the performance.

We are excited to have students share their end of semester work with you, and we hope to see you at the show.


Katie & David Stein
The DPY1 Theatre students officially welcome you and your classes to a presentation of their 2-person scenes from Shakespeare.

Each of these classic scenes are 6-8 minutes long and will be shown on the ASW stage, beginning promptly at 10:40 am on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd (period 6)

Macbeth (Act 2, scene 2)
Antek Zdziech/Despina Netchev

Measure for Measure (Act 3, scene 1)
Lily MacDonald/Gideon Bremner

Julius Caesar (Act 1, scene 2)
Igor Stokowski/Arsenij Holod

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