Learning Support

We create a culture of learning that supports students with a diverse set of abilities and interests.

ASW welcomes students with a wide range of abilities and interests. Within our Learning Support team we have Support teachers specialized in supporting students with learning and cognitive difficulties, a Speech and Language Pathologist (in Elementary only), and Counselors.

At ASW we provide support for a managed number of students with mild to moderate learning needs. This allows us to keep classes balanced for rich and rewarding learning experiences. Currently, we do not accept (or serve) students with intense learning needs or those with significant emotional or behavioral needs.

Each admission is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by a team including the divisional counselors, principals, learning support team members and the Head of Learning Support in order to determine if we will be able to support a student’s needs. We do have limited space for students in the Learning Support Department to protect the student-teacher ratios and to ensure high quality, ethical standards.

We believe that all students learn best when they are educated with typically developing peers, thus nurturing an atmosphere of tolerance and empathy. Our goal is to teach learners effectively through differentiated instruction, accommodations and consultation. When students require more than differentiated instruction to be successful, they may receive additional aid by learning support professionals. This level support may fall in the range of monitor, mild or moderate.

Monitor Level of Support

Students who are in the monitor program meet grade level expectations with minimal, in class accommodations and classroom differentiation. They do not receive regular Learning Support services. Monitor students may also be students who have been newly referred or newly exited.

Mild Level of Support

Identified students who need some support and accommodations to achieve grade level expectations. Support is provided through consultative, small group or in-class models.

Students to graduate with the IB diploma, or the ASW HS Diploma with certificate courses from the IB or the ASW HS Diploma.

Moderate Level of Support

Students with a moderate level of support make progress toward grade level expectations, with accommodations and ongoing intensive, individualized and specialized teaching. Support is provided through a combination of co-teaching, small group instruction, and one-to-one intervention.

Where students cannot access grade level outcomes in a subject area, learning outcomes may be modified.

Note: Additional payment may be required for tutor support and for all testing or support services provided by the school or referred to external service providers. Full disclosure and cooperation is expected throughout the process of admissions, placement, and service delivery.


The EAL (English as Additional Language) department is an open door to the many paths of learning offered at ASW.

English as Additional Language or second language speakers of English are supported through multiple channels. Learners are tested through the WIDA consortium standardize language proficiency test. After their level is determined, learners may be placed in an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) class and receive in-class support from EAL teachers.

In-class support can take the form of tools and scaffolds to help bridge the gap between language understanding and accessing the course content. EAL teacher support is available to work as an advocate for English language learners, both working one-on-one to explain language and concepts through language, and with the course teacher to raise awareness for accessing all learners linguistically in the classroom.

EAP courses are offered for middle-school (6-9th grade) and high school (10+) EAL learners. These are structured courses which provide strategies, scaffolds, and general discourse for application in core course subjects. In addition, they establish a foundation for further academic communication and assessment in the IB Diploma program.

EAL in the classroom

Pictured: EAL teacher Mr. Skjold with a student in the Upper School EAL classroom.

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