Middle School Activities

There are a number of after-school activities available at the Middle School level, including, athletics, clubs, cultural exchanges, academic competitions, student government and other student-led organizations.

Every attempt is made to coordinate the schedules of all activity groups to allow students to experience as many activities as possible. Parental guidance is important in helping students decide how to balance sport and club participation with academics, family life, and special interests such as music lessons and engagements in the community.

Examples include:

Athletics: Soccer, Volleyball, Cross-Country running, Basketball, Swimming, Softball, Track & Field, and Tennis

Activities: Jazz band, String Ensemble, 100 Book Challenge, Arts Club, Band, Choir, Cultural Arts, MS Drama Production, ISTA Drama, Knowledge Bowl, Mathcounts, MUN, MS Robotics, Rock Band, Run Club, Speech & Debate, Tech Leadership Club, Student Council, Writers Retreat, Peer Helper, Tech Club, Book Club.

Most programs occur after the formal school day, with some activities and clubs meeting before school, weekends or during special periods during the day. Many of the Middle & High school programs include a trip to a tournament, festival or event in Poland or another destination in Europe

Students on the Robotics team
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